The Top 3 Types Of Best Youtube Views For A Creator

Youtube views are one of the main concerns for every single creator not only on Youtube but on other social media platforms. Because everyone wants to show their content to as many people as possible. But do you know there could be multiple types of audience that watch your content. Reasons could be multiple but you have to understand here that only some of them are able to convert into your loyal customer base. Here in this article, we will tell how you can identify the audience that watches your content. And which type of audience can help you a lot.

A Random Viewers On Youtube:

For instance, you have a youtube channel where you share videos regarding recipes and food. Of course, everyone loves new dishes and even most of them try the same recipes with you while watching your videos. It seems very interesting and helpful for many people. But let’s suppose a person a new on your youtube channel just because he or she wants to make a particular dish. Otherwise, that person never makes anyone eat. You can consider them as random viewers because it would not be easy for you to convert them into your loyal customer. Because they are not interested in your rather your content.

A Wandering Viewer On Youtube:

Now let’s take the example of other types of users in social media or youtube. Let’s try to remain with the same crockery youtube channel. And here a person is searching for someone who helps him very consciously. And here you have to understand that such types of the audience could be easily persuaded. If your videos seem very helpful for such kinds of person then there are high chances you can convert them into your loyal customer. Because from next if he or she wanted to make another dish, rather than visiting on someone channel he or she will choose you. 

Niche lover viewers on youtube:

Now at the end, you might find a viewer who is very interested in your content. Because they have the same profession. A who loves to eat something new on daily basis can easily be your loyal customer. If you try new dishes on regular basis then such types of audience can be your fanboys and girls. You can consider them as a warm audience. Because here you can ask them to buy products that you affiliate in your description section. These types of audiences are the best audience for YouTubers.


We hope you have got every bit of knowledge about the youtube audience. Every person who has a youtube channel deals with such types of audiences. And on different stages, you can make the best efforts to convert a person into your customer base. For that, you have to make sure that you are providing always the best content. No matter what type of needy person is watching your video that should be valuable for everyone. And the end if you want to promote your Youtube channel through your Instagram account. You can buy youtube views malaysia our website. You can visit our website and then get the best results for your youtube channel.


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