Here’s how to sell iPad safely

Apple’s iPad is a tech masterpiece that not just packs industry-best features in its compact form, but also looks premium, and is a cut above the rest of the competition. Every time a new iPad pops up, it is a significant upgrade over the last device. Thus, it’s quite understandable when people look to sell their old iPad, just so they could lay hands on the newer version. 

But, there’s more to ditching your old device, handing it over, and waiting for the cash to arrive. Privacy concerns and data leaks are a serious cause of worry when people sell off their old devices without taking the necessary steps, and this is where we’d like to help you. So, here’s our guide to help you sell iPad.

Things you must do before selling your old iPad

  • Backup the data: The first thing to do before you sell the device so that you don’t lose your sleep, is to back up everything from your iPad. Connect the device with your computer where you have the latest version of iTunes installed. When the device gets connected, choose whether to back up the data to iCloud or to your computer and then select ‘Backup Now’. This would be of particular help when you get a new iPad. You would be able to download the entire backup to your new device, thus saving you tons of hassle.
  • Disable the ‘Find My App’ feature: Apple’s ‘Find My App service’, previously known as Find My iPhone, can stop people from activating the device when they buy it second-hand, and thus when you’re selling it off, make sure that you turn off the feature. Though the feature automatically deactivates when you erase all content from the device, it is best if you do it yourself. So, head over to Settings > Your Name > Find My App, and switch off the toggle.
  • Unpair the AirPods: This is one thing that people often forget doing – something that may eventually cause problems. People often worry about losing their favorite AirPods and rightly so. They are small and can be misplaced easily. But what if you have it paired with your old iPad and you sell the device! This is why we’d urge you to unpair them before you sell iPad. Place the AirPods next to the iPad, go to Settings > Bluetooth, and click ‘Forget this Device’.
  • Sign out of iCloud: Are you serious about keeping your data safe from prying eyes? Well, in that case, you should sign out of iCloud, the App Store, and iTunes (now known as Music) before handing over the device to someone else. Go to Settings > Your Name and click on ‘Sign Out’. Enter your Apple ID and key in the Password to authenticate it.
  • Wipe all the data: Now that you’ve completed all the steps mentioned above, one last step remains. To protect your data, so that nobody can snoop on your information, head over to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Approve all subsequent prompts to initiate the process. That’s it!

Key takeaway

Selling the old iPad for some easy money is a great way of saving some cash when buying a new device, particularly if your job requires a feature-rich, powerful machine to help you multi-task. However, don’t just blindly trust any platform promising great value for your old device. Go through online reviews to check whether they are truly what they say, or they simply make tall claims. Compare the prices with 2-3 other companies and check if you are truly getting great value for money, and only then proceed with the deal. This way, you can rest assured of having sold your iPad at the right price to the right people. Follow the steps mentioned above to avoid unnecessary hassle and save yourself and your data from harm’s way.

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