Is yogurt good for you?

Yogurt has many benefits and uses, but what exactly is yogurt? Basically, it is a form of curd and sour cream. By adding active, vibrant cultures – also known as probiotics or good bacteria – yogurt gets its shape with all kinds of special properties. Because the special organisms ferment and the milk sugar is converted into lactic acid, there are many advantages to yogurt. So, is yogurt healthy? Yes! It’s very healthy!

A diversity of yogurt

There are many types of yogurt and it can be consumed in different ways: as a dessert, sauce with meat dishes or instead of milk or sour cream. A small list of the most types of yogurt eaten in our country:

  • Whole yogurt (2% saturated fat)
  • Low-fat yogurt (0.5% saturated fat)
  • Low-fat (fruit) yogurt (0.75% saturated fat / pay attention to added sugars)

In addition, the following yogurts are also eaten regularly:

  • Bulgarian yogurt (2.5% saturated fat)
  • Greek yogurt (7% saturated fat)
  • Kefir (2.5% saturated fat)

Low-fat and full-fat yogurt from a pack is the most common. However, there is also frozen yogurt, delicious yogurt smoothies are available and you can also add ingredients to make it even better. In the image above, yogurt is eaten with black currants.

Left or right turning yogurt

There is a difference between left and right turning yogurt. And no, that has nothing to do with stirring the yogurt. It says something about the lactic acid bacteria used. In short, you can say that clockwise rotation is softer and easier to digest. Left-handed yogurt has a little more difficulty for the liver to process. Although there is a difference, the actual adverse effect is nil.

Is yogurt healthy? Read all the benefits!

Yogurt is often eaten during a diet. So it is a good means for losing weight, but it is also simply delicious to eat and makes people feel completely great. How come yogurt is so healthy? First of all, yogurt digests very easily, it digests even better than milk. It also improves the bioavailability of other nutrients. This means that lactic acid increases the absorption of calcium and B vitamins. Yogurt also boosts immunity and reduces infections. Earlier we talked about probiotics, the healthy bacteria that can also be found in yogurt. Full-fat yogurt in particular contains a lot of good bacteria and helps prevent intestinal complaints.

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