why buy a sandwich?

why buy a sandwich?
Most of the time we are alone at home and suffering from crawling in this situation I think you probably think about three things.
1)Online Order
2)sneak into the fridge
3)Call to mom and say I’m hungry!
What you should do in this situation?
First dancing around the fire is not a solution to any problem if you noted in the very home there are some basic raw materials like egg, Oil, chicken, spices or many more now I’m going to make you happy because I telling you how to make a sandwich from very basic things you need 1 egg vegetable oil take juicer machine broke the egg and put into the jug and blend now add vegetable oil very slowly as you can and notice if the liquid is going to thick turn off the blender put all the material into a bowl now your first step is over the second step is chicken making find a steel bowl fill water half put some chicken as you want let’s boil for seven minutes after seven minutes check the chicken if is it boil remove bones from chicken and mesh well now put the egg and oil material into the chicken material add some salt add some black pepper into the mix well add some chicken powder and mix now find Two bred pcs put the chicken spread on bred use butter knife for spreading find a sandwhic toster and second you tost the bread for 60 seconds Now genious yous just made a sandwhic perfect for you health because you know how healthy ingrediants just hove added in sandwhic…

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